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Choose Paper - Save the Environment

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Not Using Paper Will NOT Save Trees

What do you say when confronted by someone convinced that online billing statements will save the environment from the damage done by the traditional paper statements we send through the mail?

We as consumers can challenge some of the inaccurate statements that are being represented as fact.

Statement: Register Online and Save Trees
You make choices all the time. Here's an easy one with a big impact. Make a statement by registering for e-statements. When you do, you'll help the environment by saving trees. What's in it for you? You'll have access to up-to-date account information online, receive monthly statement e-mail reminders, and save postage by making your payments online.

Response: Not Using Paper Will Not Save Trees

The fact is, by using paper, you will be encouraging the growth of forests. More trees will be planted and harvested to provide renewable and reusable paper. Once you hit the send button on your PC and "burned the electrons" to send this email to me, the environment will be forever marked by the emissions from the power plants needed to produce the electrons to power the internet, not to mention the landfills that will eventually hold hardware and other e-waste -- as seen on 60 Minutes.

Paper on the other hand is made from trees. Trees can be planted and harvested in a never ending cycle that enhances the earth, creates a natural sink for the carbon dioxide generated to provide electronic communications and serves as a true sustainable economic engine across the world.

I am not advocating that we cease electronic messages. We have also moved many of our processes on-line to increase efficiencies, but we are under no illusion that our electronic process is somehow better for the environment than using paper. Not using paper will not save trees or the environment. In actuality, it will force family forest owners and other private landowners to use their land in other ways to generate income, which in many cases means permanently harvesting the trees with no plans to replant.

The point is - think critically, and make your own decisions regarding what is truly a "Greener" choice. Please, PRINT this message and share it with others. You will be protecting forestlands.