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Choose Paper - Save the Environment


Not Using Paper Will NOT Save Trees

What do you say when confronted by someone convinced that online billing statements will save the environment from the damage done by the traditional paper statements we send through the mail?

We as consumers can challenge some of the inaccurate statements that are being represented as fact.

Topics: Print Sustainability

Why is Soy Ink Considered Environmentally Responsible?


Compiled from information from American Soybean Association, SoySeal User Agreement, International Paper, US Inks, and Gans Ink Co.

Many print buyers today are asking their printers if they use soy inks. These buyers are under the impression that by using soy ink they are being environmentally responsible. The truth is that even though soy inks are a part of environmental printing, or, "Printing Green," they are not the whole answer.

Responsible printers, like Casey Printing, have been working on removing hazardous chemicals in their pressrooms for years. Manufacturers of inks and solutions used in the printing process today have eliminated the use of lead, chromium, and silver and are working hard to reduce the harmful VOC (volatile organic content). They are also under close scrutiny to monitor and reduce their waste streams. All of these are as important as whether or not they are using soy inks.