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Should you send holiday cards in 2018?

It seems like every year the holiday season grows longer. Heck, I got my first Pumpkin Spice Latte in late August. Even with all of the reminders that the year is drawing to a close, December rolls around and businesses (ours included) start thinking about all of the things we need to be doing before the year's end.

One of the things on that list should be your holiday card. I know you've got a lot going on, but it's worth it. Check out the 11 reasons below, inspired by this ANA article about direct mail:

Holiday Cards Are:

Proactive - Stay top of mind during a busy time of year with a card that recipients are likely to put on display somewhere in their home. It's like a billboard for your brand!

Tactile - Print is unique amongst marketing mediums because it is tactile and engages the recipient's sense of touch. This improves the value you provide in your messaging.

Personalized - Images or text can be changed based on the person receiving the card. If you have members who you know prefer white wines, show them a photo featuring white wines on a sunny day. Red wine drinkers might get a photo of featuring a red wine near a roaring fire.

Integrated - You have a ton of marketing mediums at your disposal, and you shouldn't limit yourself to just one. If you send a holiday card and a holiday email around the same time, the effectiveness of each one increases.

High Tech - You know those labels where photos become movies when viewed with an app? That technology isn't just for the big guys anymore. Why not do something similar with a video your whole team wishing happy holidays to your members. I can help you quickly turn it into an augmented reality experience that is sure to wow your members.

Welcomed - We're surrounded by "noise" in fact, only 10% of our daily interactions are non-screen based. Give your members break from push notifications with a time tested holiday tradition.

Valued - It might sound crazy, but consumers value printed cards similarly to hand written cards.

Noticed - Direct mail on its own has an estimated 80% open rate and holiday cards are likely higher. You don't get that anywhere else.

Memorable - Remember that holiday email you got last year? I don't either. Print has a 75% higher recall rate than any other marketing medium. Since holiday cards are likely to be on display in the home, the number is probably a lot higher!

Trusted - People are not afraid to open direct mail. Chances of a phishing scam or a virus are very low.

Green - Print gets a bad rap, but it's very ecologically efficient. Most paper is made with recycled content and thanks to responsible forestry practices, there are more trees now than ever before.

Click here to get started on your holiday cards