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Business Has Always Been a Social Affair

Brian Coale

Business has always been a social affair. From the time the caveman tried to sell a stone wheel to his neighbor while visiting around the warming fire, folks have used social occasions to promote goods and services in an informal, friendly atmosphere. Today’s internet based social gathering spots accomplish the same goal. They are different only in that they are more powerful and further reaching. 

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The Digital Marketing Glossary


Organic Growth? SMS? ROMI?  The Digital Marketing world has no shortage of acronyms and jargon. Here's a few of the more common terms to help you make sense of all the 'marketing techie talk'.

Ad Server – Database driven software that assists in the placement and management of advertisements on websites.

Auto-responder – A message (normally Email) that is pre-written and automatically distributes when triggered by some sort of activity. One common application of an auto responder is an order-confirmation sent to a consumer upon purchase from an e-commerce platform such as Amazon.

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There's No Substitute for Great Customer Service
A couple weeks back, my significant other and I decided to go out for a nice Sunday breakfast in Los Gatos. After we ate, we walked around town for a bit and found ourselves at the French Cellar wine shop. My significant other has a special place in her heart for 1989 Beaujolais so we asked if they had a bottle. Unfortunately a 1989 wasn’t to be found, but the shopkeeper did offer and alternative; a 1988 – FOR FREE. “It’s an old bottle, so I don’t know if it’s any good,” he said. “Give it a shot and come back and let me know how it worked out.”