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Mobile Ready vs Mobile Optimized - What's the Difference?

Brian Coale

Mobile Friendly. Mobile Ready. Mobile Optimized. These words get thrown around a lot when talking about web design, with little or no explanation as to what the words really mean. That's because they are basically buzzwords designed to sell web design services.  Google any of these terms and you'll find many explanations provided by articles and blogs like this one, but not many clear definitions. Web designers typically use words like these to describe a website that works better on mobile than it did before you procured their services.

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Making Sense of Mobile


Quick, which item do more Americans use on a daily basis than a toothbrush? Here’s another hint; most of us have one of these within an arms reach 80% of our day. There’s probably one of these in your pocket or on your desk right now. You may even be reading this post on one. I’m talking about mobile phones.

The proliferation and advancement of mobile technology over the past several years is astounding. The amount of computing power we can hold in our hand greatly surpasses the amount of power contained in an entire building just a generation ago. Mobile devices (especially “smart phones”) are changing the way we communicate and interact with the world around us.