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Topics: Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Ready vs Mobile Optimized - What's the Difference?

Brian Coale

Mobile Friendly. Mobile Ready. Mobile Optimized. These words get thrown around a lot when talking about web design, with little or no explanation as to what the words really mean. That's because they are basically buzzwords designed to sell web design services.  Google any of these terms and you'll find many explanations provided by articles and blogs like this one, but not many clear definitions. Web designers typically use words like these to describe a website that works better on mobile than it did before you procured their services.

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Make it a Sizzlin’ Summer


USPS offers incentives to help boost direct mail marketing

Do you need to breathe new life and SAVE MONEY on your direct mail initiatives? Well, YOU CAN!  The following programs from the USPS are designed to help you make good use of this important marketing channel.